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Brief History of Cannabis

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This amazing plant has helped millions of people through out history. We would like to provide you with some of that history.

Cannabis has been part of human evolution since the beginning of recorded history. In ancient Chinese times, cannabis was used as a medicine, including its oils, tinctures, and  cannabis-based preparations. 

PWR Pro is helping lead the charge in the reemergence of awareness of this amazing, healing plant.

Up until the late 1930’s, Cannabis based medications – oils, tinctures, and preparations – were routinely used by American doctors and physicians worldwide. 1850 – 1937 Hemp was a huge cash crop. In 1909, Bayer Aspirin’s competition was Hemp. The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 ended the role of Cannabis as a medicine and as an industry in the United States. The creation of this bill is often attributed to the newspaper circulation and paper production industries that were frightened that the Hemp industry would put them out of business. With the passage of the United Nations Single Convention Treaties of 1961 and 1971, Cannabis (including Hemp) became prohibited throughout much of the world and was sadly withdrawn as an “accepted” medicine. 

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