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PWR Pro CBD wholesale empowers businesses to grow in every aspect. Unlike others specializing in drop ship making a standard product with a different label PWR Pro specializes in our own manufacturing. We can help your company grow by doing in-store training and education on our state of the art product. 

Who Will We Work With?

The CBD hemp industry in unique in many different ways.
A large age demographic uses our product for many various reason. This variety means that there are many needs and wants for this product. There’s more than one target market.
The global demand for CBD is growing daily. By becoming a wholesale customer you are taking a low risk with high reward place in the market. 


“Quality” and “Premium” is something that is not taking lightly. There are mandatory processes and tests that must happen before we release product to sell. These processes include plant testing, soil testing, in-house before and after testing and to top it all off we require 3rd party outside testing. 

Our CBD meets all standards for quality. 

Why Your  Customers Will Love PWR Pro 

As a retail store owner the reason your customers will continue to buy is simple:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) can come from all varieties of cannabis, but hemp is the only option that’s guaranteed to be non-psychoactive and legal in the entire United States, among other countries.
  • CBD hemp oil products, including full-spectrum are rapidly gaining popularity because of their success rate and lack of side effects. Countless people are living healthier lives thanks to these supplements, which only helps spread the word.
  • Offering a product with potency, or application method preferences. 
  • All our product's CBD hemp extracts are natural, non-GMO, and organically grown with no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers by licensed American farmers.


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